Chicago and Suburb Digital Printing and Commercial Services

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Looking for a printer who can print your small, full-color, as well as your high volume projects? Look no further. Fountainhead Graphics is a Chicago and suburbs printing provider who can offer the services you need, no matter the size. Whether you need high quality custom die-cut fine printing or a down and dirty 3-part business form.
How? Fountainhead Graphics represents several trade-only print manufacturing shops. Printing companies make profits when they do what they do best, and that is–run their presses. Some print companies have chosen to do just that, and let someone else market their services. That’s where we come in. We represent these companies to the print buying market as print distributors.

There are important advantages to the customer when they conduct business with Fountainhead Graphics.
    1.    Wide Array of Print Resources and Services. Fountainhead Graphics represents several trade-only print manufacturers with their own special capabilities and strengths. From shops with digital printing capabilities to traditional offset printing. From web presses to short-run large format printing. We have relationships with shops with their own unique specialties that essentially allows us to offer the customer a plethora of services. Not all print manufacturers are the same, nor can any of them afford to do everything.
    2.    Competitive Pricing. Because the print manufacturer is able to be profitable, and have little to no marketing overhead, we can afford to pass along discounted prices to the customer.
    3.    Efficient and Up-to-Date Equipment. Fountainhead Graphics is not limited to any one equipment as most shops are. Instead, we find the most efficient and best solution for each unique project from a number of our trade partners. With continually fast advances in technology, this is a good reason to work with Fountainhead Graphics.
In this channel of distribution, the print manufacturer can concentrate their efforts in making good products. At the same time, Fountainhead Graphics focuses in marketing and servicing the customers.

Did you know there are many different printing processes on the market today? Which printing company has the one that can run your project in the most cost-efficient way? At Fountainhead Graphics, it is our job to provide the best solution for you. We have the resources and access to the most advanced equipment in the industry to satisfy your needs.

Printing Services:
    •    Mac or PC File Format
    •    Pre-Press and Proofing
    •    Direct to Plate
    •    Direct to Press
    •    Web and Sheet-fed Printing
    •    One, Two and Full Color Printing
    •    Digital Printing
    •    Large Format Output
    •    Fulfillment
    •    Warehousing
    •    Direct Mail Services